Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sweet morning light

When I tiptoe down the stairs I think that I am not heard,
but then I wonder how much I'm heard.
The children kind of wrestle at times when I sneak by
their bedroom. Maybe they feel me looking in on them
before I trot down to enjoy the Word, coffee and some
writing slash planning time. I like this time. For some
reason, though, I like to tiptoe passed them. They are just
so sweet when they sleep. Especially Justice who usually
has his tiny bottom in the air with face squashed to the
bed and arms flat with palms upward. Cute sight. Kylie
is usually sprawled out holding blanky in a ninja position,
with relaxed face, contently breathing.
It's dark at this time so I have to squint to see them.
It's dark, almost, as dark as can be, yet during this time, little by
little I get enlightened within :)
When my children wake I get tickled at their scrunched up
faces and sometimes half sleepy voices... most of the
time, Kylie shoots outta bed. Justice not so much, give
him a few years or a few months :) I feed them and we go
make the beds...then we dance and sing and jump around
(me not so much these days due to baby in tummy)... Then
our school/playtime begins mixed with their bible verse learning
and TV and outside when weather permits and etc... The list continues
to grow and be altered due to my discipline getting more sharpened...
When I slack my schedule is sad, so I have to stick with it to
keep it happy :) :)

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  1. I like the description of Justice sleeping -- that was YOU.