Wednesday, January 26, 2011

meaningful waiting

Looking over the desk I see a blank white wall.
It's inspiring... it says nothing. Accept, maybe,
it does, display something. Solitude. Quite light
bouncing off it... onto my desk top to cause
me a dim comfort that reflects might.
I might or might not write clarity, however, it
eventually becomes clear over time.
Tiny person next to me in her tiny desk colors
and watches tiny cartoons, only to giggle and look
at me on the silly parts. Her face and tiny giggle
make me giggle a little.
My notebook waits for my instructions for the day,
I wait on my brain to move my hand to write them.
A lot of meaningful waiting happens in this hour...
exciting thoughts for the day to come, build, and require
somewhat restraint to not smile to quickly. But it
occurs from time to time without my notice...
But as it does, my mouth, smiles, and my eyes narrow and
take in my hope from the living around me.
Not much outwardly happens at this hour, but inwardly
I spin with joy and reflection and somewhat new
perceptions reach my spirit and bring my mind into
submission. I pray not one thought of inspiration
passes my ear lobes. I wanna take it all in.

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