Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stay at home mom

No matter what others say, if you do it right, staying at home and raising children in a nurturing and a learning evoking  enviornment, you reap many benifits verses sending them to daycare or preschool.
My experience of being a mom at home, has been trying, but worth the time spent with my kids. I know their souls are being shaped day by day but what they take in and even by what they already have within them, so I do my best to pour water, on the seed in them, and help them bloom. It of course happens when I don't expect it, the growth. I love it. I see and hear them do things when I least expect it and it just tickles me. They are literally little trees growing timely before my eyes. I don't always see the growth, but definitely when looking back, I see much change. Change is good and refreshing:)


  1. "It of course happens when I don't expect it, the growth. I love it."


    I've recently prayed that God nudge me when I'm on the right track, so I know that "Hey! I'm doing okay." But I think a better prayer may be for him to consistently comfort me with his love . . . I don't need to think if I'm okay, just if I'm thinking of his love for me.

  2. Thanks guys for responses. Love you both. I of course epecially love my broseph, that's cuz he's my brother by blood :) Rochelle it means alot that you took the time,sisterly love! :)