Monday, January 24, 2011

A ramble release :)

Today is a nice snow day. The sun is out and makes the snow
sparkle. It's not a day that the snow originally came, it's just a few days
after. The kids are napping. The air seems more refreshing to
breathe in these moments, a rest period before taking the little ones
on again. I imagine it seems lighter too because I'm writing. Releasing...
my inner thoughts manages to steal a little burden from time to time, if
I actually maintain a good healthy habit of it. That and a consistent
communication between my husband and I really keeps my soul content.
This morning I rose and exercised my spirit and fell back asleep. My
dreams seem more vivid, when I let the Word abide in me, even if I do fall
back to sleep in the morning waiting for kids to rise. I sometimes feel slothful
when I fall back to sleep, but I think about what is practical and needed for
my body. I don't fall back to sleep just because I want to, it's pregnancy and
my health, that I know is very important for my all to be fresh, to be a
good parent and wife. If I lack sleep I'm more prone to sickness and my mind
going.... ha... you laugh but it's true. I'm not obsessed about it. I do just
need to be mindful of my own needs and I'm learning how with balance :)
Never use to be so mindful, but the morning time with Christ has been issuing
in a hunger to achieve at being a normal human and it also starts cravings
for a blooming social life as well, thus exciting me to be in contact with other
humans more not just to make them feel better but to realize I need it too!
That's enough ramblings for now... more later :)

1 comment:

  1. I like this, Mol.

    Balance, YES! That's the human condition. Pacing ourselves for the next 50 or so years.

    You're a good Mom. Keep writing your anecdotes.